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St.Croix huset

St.Croix huset

Sacrad Circle Dance

  • dato: Mandag 13. november
  • klokka: 18:00
  • pris: 100kr (voksen)/ 50kr (student/barn)
  • sted: Ener'n, St.Croix
En unik opplevelse! Ingen forkunnskaper trengs. Dans har til alle tider spilt en sentral rolle for mennesket.. Tatjana Popov som selv er utlært danser leder oss i ringdanser fra ulike kulturer og religioner.

In ancient culture dancing has been a central part of community life, a way of healing and a sacred tool for transcendental experiences. As one Celtic prayer conveys "On the day when the weight deadens on your shoulders and you stumble, may the clay dance to balance you." (clay is a metaphor for our body).

When mentally or emotionally suffering person would seek the help of a shaman (traditional healer in native cultures), one of the 4 questions that were asked was "When was the last time that you have danced?". This indicates an enormous importance and impact dance can and is having on our life.

This dance workshop will make us move on the rhythms and melodies from various parts of our beautiful planet Earth. We will explore different dance expressions and related wisdom traditions. We'll rejoice while gracefully showing respect to the sacradnes of all life.

No previous knowledge of any particular dance is needed. Just come in a comfortable cloths and bring your friends with!!!

I invite you to became a dancer of light, to perform your beauty on the stage of life, the stage that we'll create for that one evening after which you will, hopefully, see it everywhere and continue dancing...

Arr: Randi Jakobsen